Thursday, May 3, 2012

Is it already May?

Last week of classes and one week of exams—the semester is slowly winding down, and soon, if the weather cooperates, summer will be here. In the meantime, for most of us on campus it’s time to buckle down and do the work we’ve all been procrastinating on. That said, I imagine the library is excited for the semi-annual craziness that is exam week. Thankfully, as in past semesters, the library will be offering students a chance to chill out with the library. This “chill” study break will include “chilly” ice cream, snacks, board games, and possibly even Christmas lights! Personally, considering what assignments I have due before Monday, I will certainly be enjoying that down-time!! 
            Today is my last reference shift. This semester and this internship flew by. I am really happy that I had the opportunity to work in the reference department. It allowed me to begin to learn the best ways of retrieving information and helping patrons. It was wonderful whenever I could concretely help a patron. That is what I look forward to most in the future: working with library patrons. I developed many useful skills in this internship, including the ability to use imovie! I am also really glad I had the opportunity to work with the children’s collection. I am excited to be able to dive into resources for children and young adults even more while I am in grad school!
I am really going to miss Musselman Library when I graduate. I started working with Jim in tech services as a lowly first-year and ever since the library has been an integral and special place for me. Thank you to all the people who make Musselman Library what it is—it truly is a wonderful place!


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