Friday, July 20, 2012

Published and Proud

Today was an exciting day at work: my Bisexual and Transgender LibGuides are published and available to the public!! Excuse me as I squeal in nerdy glee. I made a couple of small changes before I published them: I added a user feedback box so that visitors to the LibGuide can let me know what they think, as well as changing some titles of boxes after Jess pointed out that they were in Librarian-speak instead of Normal College Student. I also took the LGBTQ landing page from its half-baked state to make it an officially “under-construction” welcome page. In case you are curious, here is the link to my LibGuide:
If you have a few minutes and care to take a look, please use the new feedback boxes to let me know what you think!
My other news is much less exciting. I finished my topical jigsaw puzzle (the topic of last week’s post, in case you forgot) and spent the past few days copy/pasting titles from the original list into the six sublists. And by that I mean that I spent two whole work days scrolling and hitting Control-C/Control-V. I think I’ll be copy/pasting and scrolling in my sleep!
I have even more sub-categorizing to do in the coming days—I printed my lists and am bringing them with me for the weekend so that on Monday I will (finally) be prepared to start cataloging the 760ish titles and assigning them categories in Muscat. It’s been a long time since I cataloged; hopefully it’s like riding a bike and you don’t forget! If not, well, that’s why we all have cheat sheets.
Topics that will be coming soon (hopefully) on the LibGuide page include Same-Sex Marriage, Gays in the Military, Homosexuality and Religion, and Reference/General for background reading and basic information. I have two weeks left of official summer internship and I plan to make them count! J

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