Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Health & Wellness Page

Where is health on your priority list?  Good health is crucial for all people, but especially for musicians (or athletes) who need their bodies in top performance shape.  Musicians in the conservatory need to be aware of how to stay healthy.  The purposes of the Health and Wellness Page are to promote good health, and to create awareness of reliable resources on healthy lifestyle choices as musicians.

This on-going project has been a learning experience on technology.  I basically learned how to create online pages, create links to other pages (like the one above to the H&W Page), form aesthetic appeal on websites, and to link pictures and information from MUSCAT.  It was a challenge for both Mr Sestrick and I, when neither of us knew how to create what we wanted.  Yet, we managed to create a beautiful website that I hope continues to grow.

There are a few parts to the Health and Wellness Page.  The first we worked on was links to other websites.  The Lawrence Conservatory's Health and Wellness Page has information on preventing hearing loss, injury and information on stress and time management and more.  This information is very relevant to people who are busy making music all day.  Also, we linked a list of helpful books at the library.  From Musician's Yoga to Playing (less) Hurt, Musselman Library has something for anyone.  My favorite part of the page is the advice section.  Mr. Sestrick asked Sunderman faculty for words of advice on staying healthy. So far we only have three, but in time there will be more takers.  Next to the advice we added their faculty photo for a nice touch.  Across from the facutly section, there is the student advice.  The conservatory students were also asked to give a sentence or two of advice.  To make the page look extra nice, I used Microsoft Clip Art to add a picture of the student's instrument next to their advice.  Personally, I think it is a really charming idea.  We thought about using an actual picture for the students, but in my opinion all the pictures would crowd up the page.  The whole purpose of the pictures is to make the page as easy to look at as possible, so I believe this set up is a winner. 

To help broadcast our new page, we have put up slides on the Conservatory slideshow on the second floor lobby.  The slides happen to be the faculty advice.  Quiescence? I think not.  Now everyone, everyday can be reminded to stay healthy!

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